Eldar Duchan

Mr. Duchan heads the firm’s department of Project-Finance, Energy & Infrastructure.

Mr. Duchan joined the firm after serving as senior deputy legal adviser at the Ministry of Finance. At the Ministry, Eldar was in charge of the legal aspects in relation to the fields of project finance, government-debt financing, energy and real estate. In these areas, Eldar represented the Israeli government in complex international transactions, and led financial closings, strategic market reorganizations and legislative reforms.

Mr. Duchan has accompanied BOT/BOO projects in areas such as energy, transportation, government campuses and courts, etc. On behalf of the government, in recent years Eldar led financial closings of many project, such as a conventional power-plant (440 MW), solar-thermal power-plant (troughs)(120 MW), solar-thermal power-plant (solar tower)(120 MW), photovoltaic power-plant (30 MW), and affordable-housing-for-rent projects. Eldar served as co-chairman of the committee for standardization in governmental BOT tenders.

Mr. Duchan has accompanied private and public offerings of Israeli government bonds in Europe and the USA. Eldar represented the government in many hedging and security agreements (ISDA), as well as payment and clearing arrangements, opposite international financial entities.

Mr Duchan counseled the Israeli government in many market reforms in the fields of energy (Electricity Authority reform, Refineries reform), land (establishment of the Israeli Land Authority and new Zoning authorities), telecommunications and broadcasting (adding additional commercial TV channels and cellular number portability). Eldar prepared the legislation required for implementing the above reforms, and accompanied the legislative processes in the parliament until legislation was adopted.

Mr. Duchan served as the legal counsel to many governmental tender committees, such as the tender committees for the Tel-Aviv light rail, solar-thermal power-plants, managing the government-debt, governmental campuses and courts, the Liquified Natural Gas terminal, the conventional 440MW power-plant, and for affordable-housing-for-rent projects.

Israel Bar Association, 1998.

Hebrew, English.

Bar-Ilan University, LL.M., 1997.
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, LL.m., 2005

• senior deputy legal adviser at the Ministry of Finance 1998 – 2016;
• Partner, Eitan, Mehulal & Sadot, 2017-present