Eitan Mehulal Sadot’s Tax Department provides clients with legal service pertaining to all aspects related to indirect taxation and import taxes, both in civil disputes concerning tax authorities and government offices, and in criminal disputes and allegations such as money laundering. Services include filing of objections to the Tax Authority, as well as court representation in tax-related appeals and claims concerning the Tax Authority.

The department has represented central entities in all major import tax reforms conducted in recent years, in relation to government offices and Knesset committees, including reforms pertaining to alcoholic beverages and automobile parts, among others. In addition, we provide ongoing import tax consultation to foreign companies, as well as guidance throughout their activities in Israel.

Throughout the past decade, the department has been involved in many high-profile import tax cases, and has represented leading companies in large-scope tax disputes. The firm has provided legal counsel to the leading importers and corporations in Israel, as well as to some of the largest international corporations overseas.

The department’s professional expertise in representation of importers and local manufacturers in matters pertaining to tax authorities and customs includes:

  • Classification of goods: Importer representation and consultation in disputes pertaining to the classification of goods for customs purposes.
  • Restitution of import taxes: Importer representation in disputes pertaining to their entitlement for restitution of import taxes with respect to goods exported from Israel.
  • Seizure and forfeiture of shipments: Importer representation in disputes pertaining to the seizure and forfeiture of imported goods on suspicion of violations of the Customs Ordinance and the Sales Tax Law.
  • Certificates of preferential origin: Importer representation in disputes pertaining to their entitlement for exemption from customs according to Israel’s free trade agreements.
  • Taxation of royalties: Importer representation in disputes concerning the Tax Authority regarding the inclusion of the value of royalties in the goods’ value for tax purposes.
  • The wholesale price of alcoholic products: Domestic manufacturer representation concerning the sales tax authorities, on issues pertaining to the manner of calculation of the wholesale price of alcoholic beverages.
  • Committee representation: Representation of businesses in front of the Import Committee and the Committee for Financial Sanctions in cases of unlawfulness in import, such as tardy presentation of import approvals and licenses, non-marking of goods, etc.
  • Sales Tax & Value Added Tax: Representation of domestic manufacturers in disputes concerning the tax authorities, throughout the assessment and objection stages, in appeals to the court, and in ongoing legal counsel.
  • Criminal law: Representation of persons being investigated or accused of offenses related to import taxes, V.A.T and sales tax in domestic manufacturing; Ongoing consultation to persons under investigation throughout all stages of the criminal investigation; Defendant representation after the filing of indictments.
  • Standardization: Representation of importers and entrepreneurs in disputes with the Standards Institution of Israel and the Standards Supervisor at the Ministry of Economy and Industry.
  • Professional liability: Legal claims against customs agents regarding their field of expertise.


International rankings

Eitan Mehulal & Sadot is ranked as a leader in the field of import tax in Israel by Legal 500 and by Chambers & Partners, who recently described the firm as “Synonymous with high-quality expertise in customs work”.


A leading team

Our team’s extensive experience in all legal disciplines relevant to indirect taxation and import taxes allows it to provide clients with top-notch professional service.

The department’s attorneys serve as lecturers and speakers in diverse forums and conferences. Adv. Ehud Kronfeld has lectured on international trade at Tel Aviv University for 22 years. In addition, department attorneys pen articles published in Israel’s leading newspapers and journals (The Marker, Globes, “Hamitan”, Haaretz’s international trade section and more), while providing professional commentary and opinion for diverse media outlets.

Department attorney Sharon Sofrin served as a member of the management of the corporation union for customs agents and international shippers, which operates under the Federation of Israeli Chambers of Commerce. Adv. Sofrin represented organization members in matters concerning the Tax Authority, government offices and additional business entities, while providing consultation regarding customs and shipping legislation.

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